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In-House HACCP Training

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Adhering to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) rules is critically important, but it can also be a complex and difficult process, even for companies with extensive experience in food production. Scheduling time away for entire teams only complicates things. That’s why Food Safety and Quality Services provides in-house HACCP training to help companies develop, implement and maintain these critical programs. This training is cost-effective and, perhaps most importantly, adaptable around work schedules, levels of familiarity and workplace specifications.
In-House HACCP Training

In-House HACCP Training

with Tony Chachere's Creole Foods
Tony Chachere’s Creole Foods has always valued food safety training – so much so that they contacted FSQ Services more than a year in advance to set up in-house HACCP training. The company invited an impressively diverse team of employees from various departments to participate, including purchasing, quality assurance, production and research and development, as well as a multi-level group consisting of front-line workers, supervisors and managers. Having everyone together in one room for these discussions was a great team-building exercise, as Tony Chachere’s continues to maintain a culture of food safety.

What is HACCP Training?

HACCP addresses food safety in the broadest, deepest terms, dealing with issues of food safety by controlling hazards associated with everything from procurement and handling to manufacturing and distribution. Yet every company is unique. One of the many benefits of in-house training is that everything can be individually tailored. For instance, we only discussed ingredients and products that pertained specifically to Tony Chachere’s. At the same time, attendees are always encouraged to ask questions and share experiences as they arise during training, a process that fosters engagement and helps employees retain the material.

Whether you choose in-house haccp training, or sign up for one of our upcoming classes, FSQ Services has a solution for your company.

In-House Training Options with FSQ Services

One of the great things about Food Safety & Quality Services' in-house training is our ability to customize the classes around each client's individual needs. The Tony Chachere’s team had participated in earlier training sessions, so they only needed a refresher course. FSQ Services specifically tailored their in-house training experience. We covered all of the pertinent topics while carving out time for productive discussions on how to continuously improve their food safety program – and it all happened over the course of a single-day schedule.

Have questions about In-House HACCP Training?

If concerns about COVID-19 exposure or other constraints have kept you from training your team, contact Food Safety and Quality Services today to discuss how we can create a safe, customized in-house training program for you and your team.

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