Root Cause Analysis

Eliminate recurrence of nonconformities
Root cause analysis (RCA) is defined by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) as a collective term that describes a wide range of approaches, tools, and techniques used to uncover causes of problems. Effective RCA and corrective actions in response to nonconformities have recently been a primary focus for auditors and regulators alike due to the high probability of recurrence if root causes are not effectively identified and corrected. 
Root Cause Analysis

Course Description

Root cause analysis is the backbone of a continuous improvement program.  If the true root cause is not properly identified, the corrective actions will likely not be effective.  It all starts with understanding how to properly identify the problem.  Once the problem is identified, then the focus turns to finding the root cause of that problem.

This course will focus on how to develop and implement the protocol in order to properly identify those problems and root causes in order to develop corrective actions that will be effective and prevent recurrence of the problem.

Who Will Benefit From Taking This Course

Employees with responsibilities in Quality, Production, Food Safety, HACCP, Auditing, Regulatory Affairs, Food Production, Supervisors, Maintenance, Safety and any other associates interested in achieving a better understanding of problem-solving, root cause analysis and corrective and preventive actions (CAPA’s).

Those who recognize the importance of preventing recurrence of problems in order to continue to move forward and continuously improve their operation.

What Skills Can Students Expect To Learn?

Through various examples of industry best practices and classroom exercises, attendees will learn how to continuously improve their quality and food safety systems by correcting and preventing problems from recurring. Topics covered in this training include:
  • Why CAPA’s fail
  • 7 Steps of Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions
  • Properly identifying the problem
  • Root cause analysis tools
  • Common root cause analysis mistakes
  • Setting appropriate corrective action timelines
  • Eliminating recurring trends
  • Management 's role for a successful program
Managers of corrective and preventive action programs (CAPA’s) are commonly buried with recurring problems due to lack of proper RCA. Attendees of this training will learn how to distinguish between a proper RCA and a “quick fix” and how to challenge those responsible to spend the extra time needed to truly identify the problem, root cause and corrective actions.

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