Food Supply Chain Management

What is the food supply chain?

The food supply chain includes all of the various processes that raw food materials undergo in order to be available for consumers to purchase. Those processes include farming, processing, manufacturing, storage, distribution and purchasing. Raw materials can include raw agricultural products such as produce, to components that make the materials that are used for food packaging. 

Food Supply Chain Management

FSMA Final Rule for Preventive Controls for Human Food
The FSMA Final Rule for Preventive Controls for Human Food mandates that a manufacturing/processing facility have a risk-based food supply chain management program for those raw materials and other ingredients for which it has identified a hazard requiring a supply-chain applied control.

Course Description

The food industry, today more than ever, is focused on supply chain transparency. The more you know about your supply chain, the easier it is to properly prevent potential food safety concerns. This workshop will discuss the necessary components to a food supply chain management program, including current FSMA requirements, initial supplier assessments and approval programs, review of supplier food safety programs, corrective and preventive actions, change control, raw material inspections, record keeping and training.

Who Will Benefit From Taking This Course

Employees with responsibilities in Purchasing, Quality, Food Safety, HACCP, Regulatory Affairs, Transportation and any other associates interested in achieving a better understanding of supplier management. Anyone who wants to develop a stronger supplier relationship and further assess supply-chain risks to prevent unwanted food safety concerns and potential recalls.

What Skills Can Students Expect To Learn?

Attendees will learn current industry best practices for approving suppliers and managing supply-chain risks. We will discuss the current challenges and opportunities the food industry is experiencing with the food supply-chain, how the new FSMA regulations are putting an emphasis on supply-chain hazard prevention as well as some of the key components to a successful manufacturer/supplier partnership. The agenda includes the following:
  • The new FSMA requirements and how they are impacting your supply-chain
  • Choosing the right supplier for your company
  • How to perform an effective initial risk-assessment of a new supplier
  • How to address identified supply-chain risks
  • Monitoring your supply-chain risks
  • Corrective actions
  • Managing significant supplier changes to prevent unanticipated hazards
  • Supplier audits
  • Record-keeping
  • Training
Learn from an instructor with over 20 years of experience managing food safety and quality risks throughout the supply-chain. This training will give attendees a comprehensive review of how the FDA, auditors and customers are assessing supply-chain risks as well as industry best practices for approving new suppliers and managing effective supplier partnerships.
 food supply chain management

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Don’t let your suppliers dictate how you manage them. Learn how to develop and manage your own supply-chain program and help your company and it’s supplier grow together and prevent unwanted food safety hazards.

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