Online Food Safety Training


Cost-effective solution to remote training

For those who need food safety and quality assurance training but cannot travel to our live, public classes, our online food safety training options are a great alternative.  Online training classes are delivered on the Zoom platform.  The majority of our courses can be delivered virtually.

Need a private, in-house training?  Similar to our in-person training options, we offer cost-effective virtual training options for you and your team.  We can work with you to build a customized training agenda that can target the specific needs of your organization. This way, your attendees get exactly what they need.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our private training options.

online food safety training


Virtual training for food manufacturers and restaurants

Food manufacturers, restaurant chains and other food entities that need to train employees in food safety and quality but do not want to participate in public training due to COVID restrictions, travel costs or for other reasons may prefer our virtual training options.   Those who participate in online training should have their own unique email addresses and access to a private computer and/or training room.   A webcam and microphone are required for training. 

Have a group of employees that need training?  No problem. We can deliver group online training in a conference-style setting.


A Professional Online Food Safety Training Environment
Our online training platform is Zoom. Attendees must be comfortable with remote/virtual learning and have the following:
  • webcam
  • high-speed, uninterrupted internet access
  • microphone (computer microphone is usually acceptable)
  • unique email
  • quiet room for training

Attendees for FSPCA courses will be required to show proof of ID (picture ID) before the course.  This can be achieved by a private Zoom room chat or by sending the instructor a copy of your ID before the course.

Participation in course exercises is also required for most classes.  Attendees will be called upon by the instructor to share exercise answers and to participate in other class discussions. 

Team building?  Yes!  Many people do not consider the team-building effect that group training has on an organization.  Spending multiple days together learning new material and inter-company networking become a great team-building exercise.  Your team will learn together as well as get a better understanding of each other’s role, which commonly leads to a more cohesive effort.


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View our list of upcoming online food safety training classes and register using our convenient “book now” button.  Looking for a more personalized or group training experience?  Contact us today to learn more about our online training services and how we can help you build a stronger knowledge base within your organization.  

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When there is a change in ownership within a food company or if a food company is acquired, the Louisiana Department of Health requires those companies to re-apply for a permit to operate.  L.H. Hayward needed to focus on the acquisition details and merging of the two companies so they reached out to Food Safety and Quality Services to assist them with obtaining a new Department of Health permit to operate for GCB.

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