Supporting clients with BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000, and other audits.

Operating without a third-party food safety audit these days can be difficult. Customers not only require third-party audits, they now require “global” food safety audits that are part of the Global Food Safety Initiative or GFSI.  Common GFSI audit schemes in the United States are BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000 and Global GAP.  Companies typically will only need to have one of these audits to satisfy customer requirements.

If you are just getting started with your first third-party food safety audit, it is sometimes better to start with a smaller audit and work your way into a larger GFSI audit.  There are numerous companies that offer smaller food safety and GMP audits and we can work with your company to determine what the best pathway will be for you.

We also assist with expanding your current non-GFSI audit into a GFSI certified program.  If you are taking it in stages, we will help get you to the top and be globally recognized as a top-performing company.  Many companies also hire us to perform mid-year, unannounced GAP assessments to help maintain continuous improvement efforts and audit readiness, resulting in consistent audit A grades!  These efforts also help to maintain a positive relationship with FDA, USDA and your local Dept. of Health.

Who Uses Audits?

Benchmark your company for continuous improvement

If you are manufacturing and selling food products, then chances are that you will eventually need a third-party food safety audit.  If you are looking to co-pack for a major retailer, that retailer will likely require you to eventually have a GFSI audit.  But don’t be too concerned, these audits usually have a positive impact on your bottom line profits.

Audits can also serve as a great benchmark for your company. Having annual audits gives you an indicator of how you are performing against industry best practices and gives your company direction on how you can continuously improve.

What to expect during the audit process

We will assist you with every step of your audit journey
FSQ Services will help you identify the best audit pathway for you and your customers.  Once this pathway is determined, we can assist with every phase of the design, implementation and final audit preparation. The following is the typical audit process:
  • Initial meet and greet (FSQ Services and client meet to go over process and answer any questions)
  • Decide on an audit that best fits your needs
  • Decide on a certification body (this is the company that will provide the audit certification)
  • Review of audit requirements (FSQ and your team will meet to answer questions and review requirements)
  • Initial GAP Assessment (this determines what you have and what you need to pass the audit)
  • Develop audit templates and roadmap
  • Procedure writing (FSQ Services can assist with writing procedures)
  • Employee training (FSQ Services can provide the majority of training that will be needed)
  • Final audit readiness assessment (last GAP assessment before your audit)
  • Audit
  • Year 2 follow-up and continuing support
The audit pathway can sometimes be overwhelming. Partnering with FSQ Services will make your journey a breeze.

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The audit process can sometimes take as long as 1 year. If you are thinking about starting this journey, don’t delay! The quicker you have that certification in hand, the quicker you can enjoy the benefits. We are ready to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our audit services and get ready to hang that audit certificate on your wall!

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As a fast-growing shrimp provider located in the New Orleans area, Prime Shrimp quickly realized that they needed a third-party food safety audit to become a supplier of seafood to the major retail stores. 

Prime Shrimp - Audits

Prime Shrimp - Audits