Food Defense Management Certification

Food Defense Management Certification

One-of-a-kind course blending FDA’s Intentional Adulteration Rule with GDFI’s Food Defense, Crisis Management, Emergency Preparedness
It doesn’t get any better than this! FSPCA Intentional Adulteration - Conducting Vulnerability Assessments instructor-led training coupled with the Global Food Defense Institute’s (GFDI) expertise in crisis management and front-line employee training.

Course Description

This course is the perfect blend of FDA’s new food defense methodology and Rod Wheeler’s streetsmart approach to crisis management. Learn how to conduct intentional adulteration vulnerability assessments using the new FDA/FSPCA approach by considering the risks in your facility from an “inside attacker”. Learn the popular “hybrid method” that blends together the utilization of Key Activity Types (KAT’s) and the 3 key elements for conducting vulnerability assessments. Day two is filled with eye-popping, real-life crisis events that will keep attendees on the edge of their seats. Rod Wheeler will share his insights into recent crisis situations and challenge attendees to think about their own vulnerabilities and how to be ready when faced with emergency scenarios.

Who Will Benefit From Taking This Course

Food Defense has a new name; it’s called Intentional Adulteration and everyone throughout the food industry needs to understand what this means. Front-line workers, leaders, supervisors, managers, directors all the way up to CEO’s have a stake in protecting the food industry from acts of intentional adulteration and crisis situations.

Employees with responsibilities in security, food safety and all levels of management who need to understand FDA’s new approach on food defense should take this course.

What Skills Can Students Expect To Learn?

Attendees will learn how to conduct vulnerability assessments for intentional adulteration risks at their individual facilities by using the three element and hybrid approaches developed by FDA as well as how to manage real-life, crisis situations. The course agenda is as follows:

Day 1

Intentional Adulteration - Conducting Vulnerability Assessments (FSPCA Curriculum and Certificate).

Topics Include

1. How to conduct vulnerability assessments using three key components:
  • The severity and scale of the potential impact on public health.
  • The degree of physical access to the product.
  • The ability to successfully contaminate the product.

2. How to develop mitigation strategies for each actionable process step.

3. Monitoring, corrective action and verification of management components.

4. Training and record keeping.

Day 2

GFDI’s Food Defense, Crisis Management, Emergency Preparedness Topics include:
  • Suspicious Note Workshop
  • Food defense overview - the past, present and future of food defense
  • Streetsmart food defense
  • Bomb threats and suspicious mail
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Crisis/Incident Management
  • Workplace violence
  • Active shooter readiness


Lance Roberie of Food Safety and Quality Services and Rod Wheeler of the Global Food Defense Institute.  Attendees will get two certificates for attending this 2-day course:  

  1. FSPCA Certificate of Completion for Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
  2. GFDI Certificate for Global Food Defense and Crisis Management

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In March 2020, FDA compliance officers will begin inspecting food facilities to assess compliance with the new FSMA food defense rule: “Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration." Be ready to assess your intentional adulteration risks and defend your new food defense plan by signing up for one of our upcoming public courses below or contact us today to schedule your in-house training.
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