Food Safety Training | 3 Bad Habits to Give Up for Lent

Habits to Give Up for Lent

As Lent approaches, many of us start thinking about what we're going to give up for the next 40 days. For some, it's chocolate, while for others, it's social media. However, we think it's the perfect time to give up some bad food safety training practices. We know that food safety isn't always the most exciting topic, so we've decided to take a more humorous approach to three bad food safety practices that you might want to consider giving up this Lent.
Food Safety Training
  • Bad Habit #1

    Let's be honest, we've all been guilty of ignoring expiration dates on food products at one point or another. It's tempting to keep using a product past its expiration date if it looks okay, but where food safety is involved, this can be a dangerous practice. Expiration dates are there for a reason - to protect consumers from the risk of foodborne illness and to maintain the freshness of food. So this Lent, commit to checking the expiration dates on all of your products and removing anything that is expired. Not only will this protect your consumers, but it will also prevent your company from facing costly recalls and damage to your reputation.

  • Bad Habit #2

    Good hygiene practices are essential in food manufacturing to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and other contaminants. This means regular hand washing, wearing gloves and hairnets, and avoiding touching your face or other objects while working with food. However, it's easy to get complacent when it comes to hygiene, especially when you're busy or tired. So this Lent, commit to improving your hygiene practices. Put up reminders in your work area, set an alarm to remind yourself to wash your hands. Make sure your colleagues are following good hygiene practices too.

  • Bad Habit #3

    Your employees are the backbone of your manufacturing process, and they need to be trained on food safety practices. Failing to train your employees can lead to serious health risks for consumers and damage to your company's reputation. This Lent, commit to providing regular training to your employees. Make sure they understand the importance of food safety, and teach them how to follow good manufacturing practices. Learn more about our Good Manufacturing Practices class here!

Food Safety is No Joke!

In conclusion, giving up bad food safety manufacturing practices for Lent can be a fun and lighthearted way to improve your company's health and protect your consumers from harm. While it's important to take food safety seriously, it doesn't have to be a dull topic. By using humor to raise awareness about these bad practices, we hope to inspire you to take action and improve your food manufacturing processes. So this Lent, why not commit to checking expiration dates, improving your hygiene practices, and providing regular training to your employees? Your consumers (and your bottom line) will thank you. And if you need help remember that Food Safety and Quality Services is here to support you.  Contact us anytime for more food safety advice!

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