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Food safety is evolving from having a historical written food safety plan to now having a strong food safety culture integrated with that plan. It is clear that written policies and procedures alone are not enough to prevent food recalls. Companies must have a strong food safety culture that supports these written programs.

Building a strong culture isn’t always easy. Just like having a written procedure does not guarantee success for your food safety plan, simply having a written procedure for your food safety culture initiative does not mean it will be transforming and successful. It’s a multi-year process of cultural evolution, not an annual quality check.

If you don’t have a clear, structured plan in place, employee buy-in and the overall success of the program is destined to fail. Not to mention, it will lead to a nonconformance on your 3rd party audit. Remember, you have to share those audit reports with your customers and it can lead to an uncomfortable conversation.

During our Food Safety Culture Class “Developing a Positive Food Safety Culture”, we walk our participants through the process of developing a multi-year approach using a customized workbook and procedure template.

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