May 13, 2019 9:00 am - May 14, 2019 5:00 pm University of Holy Cross New Orleans, LA

Are you ready for FDA’s Intentional Adulteration Rule (July 26, 2019)? Are you in compliance with current GFSI food defense requirements? What about an active shooter?  This course will certainly help prepare you for all of these situations.

Join us as we welcome Rod Wheeler to the University of Holy Cross. Rod Wheeler is a former Washington, D.C. street cop and homicide detective, as well as a frequent correspondent on the national news. He currently specializes in protecting the food industry from intentional adulteration by offering specialized training as well as onsite food defense plan building.

Who Will Benefit

Any individual who works in an industry where they make a product for distribution would benefit from this course; it is applicable to every manufacturing sector, as well as any business open to the public. From the receptionist (who is arguably the most vulnerable individual in the facility) to the CEO, every single associate will walk away with a fresh understanding of crime and terrorism, as well as strategies to stay calm in a crisis and work with law enforcement to reclaim your business and avoid negative public relations.

What You Will Learn

  • Steps to perform a vulnerability assessment
  • Broad and focused mitigation strategies, with discussions of industry-specific applications that apply to individual attendees
  • FSMA-required components for mitigation strategies, including monitoring, verification, corrective action, and documentation
  • Common misconceptions and vulnerabilities often found in existing Food Defense and Crisis Management programs
  • Intentional Adulteration Rule (21 CFR 11 & 121) including industry exemptions and dates of compliance
  • Best practices surrounding topics such as: How to conduct internal tampering investigations, developing general security policies and procedures, handling hostile situations, and more!

This course brought to you in partnership with DL Newslow & Associates.  Attendees can register using the link below:

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