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Course Description

Registration is through our partner, D.L. Newslow & Associates.  Individuals who complete this course will get a certificate from FSPCA which will be recognized by FDA for meeting the requirements of having a qualified individual responsible for conducting vulnerability assessments.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to take the FSPCA online Key Activity Types course before attending this course.  The KAT course can be found here  KAT Online Course

This FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) final rule is aimed at preventing intentional adulteration from acts intended to cause wide-scale harm to public health, including acts of terrorism targeting the food supply. Rather than targeting specific foods or hazards, this rule requires mitigation (risk-reducing) strategies for processes in certain registered food facilities. This course is taught by Lead Instructors trained by the FSPCA, who have been instructed in how to teach the FDA-recognized standardized curriculum.

Who will benefit from taking this course?

Employees with responsibilities in Security, Food Defense, Quality Assurance, Food Safety, HACCP, Preventive Controls, Regulatory Affairs, Food Production, Maintenance, Safety, Human Resources and any other associates interested in protecting the food supply against acts of intentional adulteration

What skills can students expect to learn?

This course will teach attendees how to conduct vulnerability assessments using three key elements:

  1. The severity and scale of the potential impact on public health.
  2. The degree of physical access to the product.
  3. The ability to successfully contaminate the product.

Attendees will also learn the hybrid approach to conducting vulnerability assessments which combines the KAT method with the three key element method as mentioned above.