Course Description

A food safety culture plan has become an essential element for food companies to manage and implement within their organizations.  A positive food safety culture not only helps with employee morale, but it also helps with increasing food safety awareness and best practices which ultimately reduces risk and the potential for every food company’s worst nightmare…a recall!

This course will discuss the different components of a food safety culture plan as defined by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as well as topics in employee engagement and retention, change management, establishing better  “tiny habits” throughout your organization and how to take those ever important “first steps” to creating your food safety culture plan!

Who will benefit from taking this course?

Management and employees who recognize the importance that a food safety culture plan has in reducing food safety risks within their organization and who wish to continue to understand and improve the culture within their organization.

What skills can students expect to learn?

How to develop and implement a food safety culture plan.  The agenda includes:

  • What does food safety culture really mean?
  • How employee retention affects your culture
  • The impact a positive food safety culture has on an organization
  • Employee engagement: How to get your employees involved in your culture plan
  • 5 Dimensions of food safety culture as described by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Culture in high performing organizations
  • Tiny habits that impact culture
  • Culture plan development
    • Establishing a food safety culture team
    • Evaluating your current culture
    • Goal setting
    • Measuring progress
    • Maintaining and improving the plan
    • Adapting to your results
  • Employee engagement:  How to get your employees involved in your culture plan

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