Course Description

This 1-Day workshop will discuss the new BRC Global Standards for Food Safety requirements for Issue 8 as it compares to Issue 7. Attendees will gain an in-dept understanding of the new requirements along with a review of what auditors will be expecting to see during new certification audits.

*Note: This is not a BRC introductory course. It will be specific to the upcoming changes/additions to the new Issue 8 requirements.

Who will benefit from taking this course?

Employees who manage or have a direct involvement in the BRC program and implementation. Others with responsibilities in Quality, Food Safety, HACCP, Regulatory Affairs, Food Production, Maintenance, Safety and any other associates interested in achieving a better understanding of the new BRC requirements.

What skills can students expect to learn?

Some of the specific topics that we will discuss include:

  • Establishing a Food Safety & Quality Culture
  • Establishing a confidential reporting/whistleblowing system
  • Incident management as it relates to digital cyber attacks
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Site security
  • CIP requirements
  • Environmental Monitoring

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