Louisiana Food Processors Association

Louisiana Food Processors Association

Advocating on behalf of Louisiana food processors

Louisiana Food Processors Association (LAFPA) is a non-profit trade association representing and advocating on behalf of food processing companies. The activities of the organization are centered around; promoting food technology education and scholarships; the exchange of information and networking between food processors and suppliers; providing an industry voice and facilitating cooperation with government agencies; and sponsoring training seminars for food professionals.

Their mission statement is simple, helps influence public policy and establish a network of related educational and industry support resources with the single mission of making the State of Louisiana a great place for food processors to do business.

Joining the association is a great way to network with other industry peers and to help support and promote our local food processing economy.

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How We Work with Louisiana Food Processors Association

Processing/Food Safety Chair

Lance Roberie serves as the Processing/Food Safety Chair on the LAFPA’ Board of 

Directors. The Processing/Food Safety Chairperson assists Louisiana food companies with regulatory and food safety guidance in order to promote safe products.  Lance also assists the association with fundraising, membership and strategic planning for the annual conference and is often a guest speaker during annual events.

Food Safety and Quality Services has been a member of the Louisiana Food Processors Association since its re-organization in 2015.  FSQ Services partners with the Association to assist food companies with acquiring and maintaining third-party audits, food safety and quality training, quality and food safety systems development, operating permits as well as many other services.

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Navigating the twists and turns with starting and operating your own food company can sometimes be a challenging task. Together, the Louisiana Food Processors Association and Food Safety & Quality Services can guide you every step of the way. Contact us today if you are interested in joining LAFPA or want to learn more about the services that both the Association and FSQ Services can offer to you and your company.

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