AMR Consulting

AMR Consulting

Magnetic Separation Technology and Magnet Validation Services
AMR (Active Magnetics Research) metal fragment control consultants specialize in magnetic separation efficiency analysis in the food industry worldwide. Internationally HACCP endorsed, Active Magnetics Research Pty Ltd provides endorsed magnet verification/validation services and magnetic separator specifications. Risk analysis associated with magnetic fragment control is also available. AMR can also provide assistance with source analysis of metal fragments and metal detector rejections.
Magnet Validation Services

Magnet Validation and Metal Fragment Control Risk Assessments

Reduce the risk of metal contamination, and improve the safety and quality of your food products.
Metal fragments in food products is considered adulteration and a common reason for food recalls involving foreign material. Working closely with AMR, we help clients like you identify and mitigate metal contamination risks by evaluating your entire process for the introduction and inclusion of metal fragments. It starts by understanding your incoming raw material risks and then evaluating your production risks. We then verify your current metal separation equipment (magnets) to determine the effectiveness of your foreign material prevention and removal system. This unique magnet validation contains internationally accepted protocol that includes such information as:
  • Magnet condition
  • Magnet strength
  • Magnet type
  • Magnet location
  • Coverage of the product stream
These HACCP International certified magnet validations are completed by using calibrated gauss meters and by providing experienced risk assessments especially tailored for your plant.

How We Work with AMR Consulting

On-Site Magnet Testing

FSQ Services partners with AMR because they are the experts in magnetic foreign material separation.Their one-of-a-kind HACCP International certified magnet validation program has been called an “ingeniously practical” approach to risk assessing magnetic foreign material hazards. Their professional validation reports give facilities critical insight into magnetic foreign material hazards and help lower the risk of potential product recalls.

Food Safety & Quality Services is an AMR approved contractor and can provide onsite magnet testing and validation services on behalf of AMR.

Compliance & Systems Development

If a company does a risk assessment on foreign material and that results in metal being identified as a significant risk and the company decides that magnet placement is a "critical control point" or a “preventive control," then according to the new FDA laws, that control should be validated.  Having an AMR magnet validation report would meet that FDA requirement.

We assist a company in developing a proper metal foreign material containment system to reduce their metal fragment risk in food products.

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